Small Family Farms

The Oberweis Farmer's Pledge; it's a simple promise and the best way to ensure the highest level of care goes into each and every product labeled Oberweis. A family farm is just that, a farm where a single family owns, cultivates and passes down the land from one passionate generation to the next. This pride and commitment results in better tasting dairy. After all, family farms feed their own loved ones the same milk and dairy that's produced for their customers. We're honored to support this family farm tradition, and will always rely on them for the quality products we prepare for your family.

Davis Farm

Gary Davis - Est. 1932

Over seven decades ago Harold Davis established the Davis Farm with a passion for producing the highest quality milk. Today the farm is operated by his great grandson, Gary, who has helped grow the herd from 40 to 200 cows. Like many small family farms, the Davis farm grows and harvests all their own feed. Why? Gary believes that great quality feed produces great quality milk … a passion to which he is as committed today as his great grandfather Harold was all those decades ago.

Proud Oberweis family farms

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Great milk begins
with the cows.

To most folks, all cows look the same. To our small-herd family farmers, they know each one of their cows like they know their own children. They have personalities and attitudes and each one is treated like a member of the family with farms designed for their comfort and health. Sure, it's nice to give a cow a great life, but it's been proven that healthy cows also have the best milk production. That's how we guarantee that we start with the very best raw milk available for dairy that's fit for your family. Maybe that's why Oberweis cows always seem to be wagging their tails.

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