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Super premium ice cream

A bowl of Oberweis ice cream is always worth it. Why? Because it's earned the right to be called super premium. That's more than just a fancy way of saying super tasty, it's ice cream that meets the finest standards. First, it's made with 60% overrun, which means our ice cream is only one part air to every two parts of cream. We also use 18% butterfat and the absolute finest ingredients, more than any other ice cream in the freezer aisle. It's rich, it's creamy and it's made in small batches using cream made from the same milk you love. Who wouldn't enjoy a scoop of that?

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Crafting small batch

The Best Dairy from Oberweis small Family Farms

Small batch made

Blended to the Perfect Ratio of 18% Butterfat, then Pasteurized and Frozen

Small batch made

Mixed with the freshest ingredients for award winning flavor

Small batch made

A quick, deep freeze preserves the quality and flavor you've come to expect

Small batch made

Oberweis super premium ice cream - one taste and it makes sense!

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