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Traditional Milk

There’s a reason families have trusted Oberweis Dairy since 1927--we believe the right way is not always the easy way. We start with fresh, antibiotic-free, raw milk supplied by small-herd family farmers. Next, we craft our milk the same way we have for decades--gently pasteurizing to retain maximum nutrients and flavor. Healthier, fresher, tastier milk crafted by people who care--that's what has made the Oberweis name the most trusted in dairy. Whether the milk you select is bottled in clear glass or recyclable plastic, we’re confident you'll taste the difference!

Certified USDA Organic Milk

The organic family farmers we partner with dedicate their lives to responsibly and respectfully cultivating their land and livestock, resulting in a healthier and more sustainable food system. The Oberweis family has been crafting premium quality dairy products for nearly a century and we’ve always bottled our milk in reusable glass 1/2 Gallon and Quart bottles. Glass is a better insulator than plastic and cardboard and it can be washed and reused repeatedly. Oberweis organic milk--better for you, better for the planet.

Oberweis Drinks

Oberweis quality goes beyond delicious, farm fresh milk and ice cream. We make the best lemonades, teas and fruit punch, too! Oberweis Sweet Drinks have no artificial colors and no high fructose corn syrup. Our sweet drinks are refreshing over ice on a warm day or any time you need to quench your thirst.

Oberweis Ice Cream

Enjoying a bowl of Oberweis ice cream is an unparalleled experience. Why? Because it’s earned the right to be called super premium. That means it’s made with the absolute finest ingredients-- more than any other ice cream in the freezer aisle. We craft our ice cream in small batches, using 18% butterfat and 60% overrun-- resulting in a decadent ice cream that’s one part air to every two parts cream. One taste, and it makes sense.

Seasonal Egg Nog

For generations, Oberweis Egg Nog has been crafted in small batches and always starts with farm fresh, grade A, raw milk from small-herd family farms. Unlike most egg nogs available today, Oberweis Egg Nog does not contain undesirable ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and there are no colors or flavors from artificial sources. We gently pasteurize at the lowest possible temperature for the shortest amount of time and never add preservatives, ensuring the end result is the freshest, most delicious egg nog you can find. Rich, creamy, incomparable-- Oberweis Egg Nog is a timeless holiday tradition worth indulging in.

Seasonal Ice Cream

Holidays are happier with the flavors of the season from Oberweis. Indulge in our super premium ice cream crafted in small batches with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients available. Every occasion is sweeter when dessert comes from Oberweis.

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