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The Oberweis Story

For nearly 100 years, the Oberweis family has produced premium quality dairy products and more. The commitment to be the best for your family drives every decision we make because we want the best for our family, too. We do not compromise on the care of our cows, our dedication to nutrition, the time-honored processing methods we use or the superior taste you've come to expect. That’s why Oberweis is the most trusted name in dairy and beyond.

We do not compromise on the ingredients we select or the prociessing methods we use or the superior taste you've come to expect.

Historical Timeline


Peter Oberweis, a dairy farmer in Aurora, Illinois, began selling extra milk to his neighbors from the back of a horse drawn wagon in 1915.


Demand grew and by 1927, Peter became the co-owner for Big Woods Dairy. In 1929, he purchased the remaining interest in Big Woods Dairy and renamed it Oberweis Dairy. As the depression hit, Peter’s son, Joe had to drop out of high school to help his father operate the business.


In 1951, Joe opened the first Oberweis Ice Cream & Dairy Store in Aurora, Illinois. He perfected the process of producing super premium ice cream– creating many recipes still used today.


In the early 1960's one of Joe's sons, John, joined the family business and eventually led the company until he became ill in the mid 1980’s.


Jim Oberweis (John’s brother), bought the business in 1986. He and his wife, Elaine, took over as chairman and president respectively. They directed the business onto a growth trajectory which continues to this day. Jim continues to serve in the role of chairman. Since 1986, the company has grown by opening more stores, expanding it’s home delivery service area and developing partnerships with local grocery stores.


In 1991, the second Oberweis Ice Cream & Dairy store was opened in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The community response was overwhelmingly positive. There are now 43 Oberweis stores in 3 states.


In 1996, Oberweis Dairy relocated to a brand new production facility, corporate office and dairy store in North Aurora, Illinois where the company is still headquartered today. The new facility allowed for a tripling in milk production capacity and a tenfold increase in ice cream production capacity. A later expansion provided an additional tenfold increase in ice cream production capability.


Beginning in 2007, Jim and Elaine’s son, Joe, became the 4th generation of his family to lead the company. Joe continues to lead and evolve the family business today.


The Home Delivery business expanded to include Virginia in 2009 and North Carolina in 2017.


In November 2019, in addition to continuing production of Traditional Oberweis Milk, production began on a new line of USDA certified Oberweis Organic Milk.

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