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Are you up to the challenge of making someone's life a little happier, a little easier, and a lot more delicious? If so, then we have great news: we are hiring! We have a wide variety of job opportunities for you to utilize your skills including restaurant positions, manufacturing plant positions, and home delivery positions such as warehouse employees, truck drivers and corporate office employees. Join our amazing team of friendly faces to work in a fun, goal-oriented work environment. You will enjoy the perks of a supportive team, flexible hours, potential growth in the company, and a discount on our tasty menu items including our famous super premium ice cream. You will soon find that the sweetest careers begin at Oberweis!
Store Manager & Training Manager - Orland Park
18 years of service “I have the same senior citizens come back every Wednesday. They know me by name so they ask for me when they come in. I love the community feel.”
Home Delivery Driver - Bloomington
22 years of service “I believe (Oberweis Ice Cream) is the best thing out there. My wife tried it and she won’t have any other kind ever again. While I’m working, I meet customers every now and then. There’s a customer I talk to every week. We talk about everything; his vacation, my vacation. Everything. He’s a really nice guy. I like my job and I like working for a company that I like.”
Assistant Store Manager - Schaumburg
4 years of service "It's a really good, calm work environment. Zoran (Store Manager, Schaumburg) treats me really well. He treats me as an equal, he'll hear me out on any ideas I have. I feel well heard."
Store Manager - Schaumburg
14 years of service "I love the people, I love my employees, I love my guests. I'm a people person - I like talking. I'm not a shy person. I look forward to the people that I see and interact with every day. When I hire people, I look for friendly people that are going to get along with me and the rest of the crew and also my guests. Wednesday is senior discount day; I've seen probably about eight different people that I've had a five-minute conversation with just to catch up and see them. We have a really great reputation for quality. High-quality ingredients, stringent standards. I love things in glass. When I was a kid, I always drank milk out of a glass. It's colder, it's cleaner so I've aways really appreciated that. When you work at Oberweis, you'll make connections, you'll meet people that will become part of your life. It's really nice to know every day that you've made an impact on somebody's life.Working at Oberweis is fun. I get to talk to people every day, I get to serve ice cream to little kids and see them scream with laughter and their joyful smiles. I walked milk out to a guest's car just 30 minutes ago. He has experienced quite a lot in his life, but he's one of the most positive people I've ever met. He gives me the perspective of, if you keep a positive outlook on life, everything is ok. A young man that worked for me unfortunately lost his father a few years ago and he was going to homecoming and didn't know how to tie a tie so he came to me and I showed him how to tie his necktie for homecoming. Not too long ago, the same kid's car had a flat tire and I went in the parking lot to show him how to change a tire. Having that influence and being able to make an impact on their lives means a lot."
Quality Assurance Manager - North Aurora
4 months of service "Providing a high-quality product to the public is really important to me. It really came to light when I walked through the doors of WoodGrain and That Burger Joint. I just love the whole atmosphere. We're selling happiness."
Part-time Shift Leader in Training - Elmhurst
3 months of service "I love being on register so I can talk to customers. I'm a very talkative person. I'm proud that we offer organic milks and all-natural, premium products compared to other ice cream joints. The whole point of Oberweis is to make people happy. They're here to cheer up. People enjoy ice cream and I enjoy giving it to them. A customer walked in and sampled at least six different ice cream flavors. He kept going back and forth and switched his order like four times and I just talked with him and helped him decide. He was really nice and he gave me a really great paragraph-long review."
Shift Leader - Bloomingdale
3 years of service "Every day I get up I look forward to seeing our guests smiling, bringing in their kids, being happy and enjoying all of our flavors. It's a blast working in that environment. Also Scott Thrasher (Store Manager, Bloomingdale) is the best to work with, he's hilarious. I really like the product that we sell and the people I work with are a ray of sunshine. With the world, the way it is right now, it's really nice to experience that with people who are nice and friendly. The job is a really great place to grow and work on things that other jobs don't do for others. Our product is just so good. It's very rich and I know when I get a chocolate scoop of ice cream it's always going to be consistently the same taste and texture. My family also loves it and I love our chocolate milk. There is a lovely lady who always comes through. She always gets a scoop of chocolate peanut butter on a sugar cone. She comes in at least three to four times a week. Just talking to her and seeing her, catching up, seeing how her family is doing. It's very warming to me, she's aways very nice."
Crew Trainer - Western Springs
1.5 years of service "I love that I can make anyone's day better and I love interacting with my community. It's a great working environment. We have really great management here. I think it's really important that we have minimally processed foods. We're really clear to the customer what goes into our products. It's a team environment here. It makes me feel like part of a group. It gives you a lot of skills for the real world. It's exciting working here. You never know what's going to happen. I get a lot of support from my coworkers. My dog died a couple weeks ago. I had to come in to work right after and everyone was really supportive. They all gave me a minute to process. They're all very understanding when you need a minute. They know that all of us have other things going on."
Receiving Lead - North Aurora
"Everything I do as far as sanitation, receiving, I always ask myself, would I give my daughter, my mom, my family this product? My purpose (coming into work every day) is to make sure it is the best product out there.”
First Shift Lead Ice Cream Production - North Aurora
"I really like the milk here. My grandparents lived on a dairy farm so I would spend summers with them and have fresh milk all summer long. Oberweis milk is the closest I can taste to what I had when I was a kid.”
Filler/Machine Operator - North Aurora
"For me, it's very important that the customers are happy. My friends and family like the milk for the kids. That's why I like it, they are good products.”
Ice Cream Lead - North Aurora
"Mike talked to me and told me he really valued me and wanted me to stay on the team and keep being part of this company. I had a kid on the way and wanted some time off when he was born and he offered me what he could do and it made me realize, this is where I need to be. That’s something that really touched me.”
Dairy Store Manager - Rolling Meadows
It's good to have a destination to train towards, but it's the journey that matters in the end. It's all the things that you learn and help you grow. If I can provide someone with that meaning to someone else's life, like taking someone in for their first job and teaching them how to provide great guest services, it will stick with them for the rest of their lives. If I can provide that meaning, that's what I want to do.
Transfer Center Manager - Milwaukee
My favorite part of the job is helping a customer when they are experiencing a problem. When we dive in and are able to fix their problem, that's always very rewarding for me.
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Oberweis Employee Benefits

Just like our fresh-farm milk and super premium ice cream, a career at Oberweis is simply the best! Join our amazing team of friendly faces to work in a fun, goal-oriented work environment. With competitive salaries, benefits and perks you will soon find that the sweetest careers begin at Oberweis!

Oberweis Culture & Aspirations

Oberweis Dairy is a family-owned company that has been serving smiles for nearly 100 years! We proudly provide our customers with superior tasting products and exceptional customer service. It is a promise from our family to yours that what you are about to enjoy has been sincerely cared for in every possible way. Whether it is a scoop of super premium ice cream or the farm-fresh products delivered right to your door, Oberweis pledges every single day to make life a little easier and a lot more delicious!
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Oberweis Careers

The following is a comprehensive list of all the departments and positions at Oberweis. For a complete list of available job openings, click here.

Dairy Store & Restaurant

We proudly provide our customers with superior tasting products and exceptional customer service. See our smiling customers face to face as they visit our tri-branded family of restaurants. Whether they are coming in for a scoop of ice cream at Oberweis Ice Cream & Dairy Store, a juicy double patty burger at That Burger Joint, or a fast-fired, authentic Neapolitan pizza at WoodGrain Pizzeria, they are most definitely in for a delicious treat!


The secret ingredient to the world's best-tasting ice cream and dairy products is collaboration. Utilize your skills at the North Aurora Headquarters corporate office located in North Aurora, IL. Departments include administration, marketing, financial & accounting, information technology, human resources, retail sales, and customer service. Everyone works together seamlessly as a team with one all-encompassing goal in mind: to make life a little easier and a lot more delicious.

Plant Production

Located at the Oberweis Headquarters in North Aurora, IL, we craft delicious milk and ice cream with the utmost care. The commitment to be the best for your family drives every decision we make because we want the best for our family too. We believe taste is affected when dairy is overprocessed, which is why we use gentle pasteurization and never add preservatives—that is why Oberweis is the most trusted name in dairy.

Home Delivery

Nearly 100 years ago Peter Oberweis started Oberweis Dairy and began delivering milk to his neighbors. We are continuing the tradition with our easy and convenient Home Delivery Service! Every week customers choose from over 300 hand-selected, quality dairy and grocery items that are delivered right to their front door. Service is offered throughout the Midwest in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan.
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