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Caring for the Community

Community Relations

Serving Happiness

Since the early days of driving out to local neighborhoods to deliver farm-fresh milk and ice cream, Oberweis knows that something as simple as a friendly smile can make a huge difference in the community. Oberweis' tradition of giving back has grown and expanded its community outreach efforts with charitable donation, community event, fundraising, and sponsorship opportunities.

Oberweis is proud to make life a little easier and a lot more delicious

Our mission is simple. We strive every day to provide our customers with new ways to make life a little easier, such as skipping their weekly trip to the grocery store by delivering premium, hand-selected groceries on their doorstep. And to make life a lot more delicious by providing families everywhere with superior-tasting milk and ice cream that has been sincerely cared for in every possible way.

The commitment to be the best for your family drives every decision we make because we want the best for our family and community, too.

Throughout the year we are proud to hold in-house employee events to raise money for local food pantries such as Greater Chicago Food Depository, non-profit businesses like Hessed House: the second-largest homeless shelter in the State of Illinois, and even for Oberweis team members experiencing times of hardship

sponsorship opportunities

Donations & Community Partnerships

We love collaborating with local organizations to spread happiness throughout the community! From Charitable Donations to Community Events, to Fundraising Opportunities and Sponsorships, there are so many ways we can help you serve up a little happiness. Kindly reach out with inquiries at least 60 days in advance of your event. Oberweis receives many requests each day so applying early will allow plenty of lead time for us to respond.

How Can We Best Serve You?

Charitable Donations

Oberweis is happy to support approved charitable organizations with donations at your next fundraising event. Please submit your request below.

charitable donations
Community Events

You may have seen friendly staff from the Oberweis Ice Cream & Dairy Stores and restaurants participating in local community events. Do you have an idea how we can be included in an event happening in your community? Tell us about it! We'll find a way we can best participate.

Fundraising Opportunities
Because there's always room for ice cream.

Book your next fundraising event at your local Oberweis Ice Cream & Dairy Store, Woodgrain Pizzeria or That Burger Joint location. Your organization earns 20% back on purchases made by your supporters. They are easy to organize and so much fun! A unique web page will be created for you once your fundraiser is booked, providing you with the tools you need to promote your event online and/or in print. Before you know it, your supporters will be gathered at Oberweis enjoying delicious ice cream and earning cash for your organization. Get started with your fundraiser below.

Sponsorship & Community Interaction

Oberweis loves to sponsor youth sports teams, summer reading programs at local libraries, summer camps, community theatres, or any other community programs within our store market. Sponsorship is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and can be inclusive of any event during the year. We will review each request, discuss options, and find the best way to support one another. Please be sure to include what type of materials you will need for a successful partnership, including gift cards, coupons, t-shirts, etc. Submit your request to get started.

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