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Oberweis Ice Cream is produced with fresh milk and cream delivered from the family-owned dairy farms that produce exclusively for Oberweis Dairy. Oberweis Ice Cream is made with a minimum of 18% Butterfat making it a much richer product than many of the so-called super premium national brands.

Oberweis Dairy mixes fresh milk and cream along with sugar and other dry ingredients prior to pasteurizing the mix. We then chill and agitate the mix for 24 hours to insure the creamy texture for which Oberweis Ice Cream is famous.

Oberweis Ice Cream is produced in small quantities and quickly frozen to lock-in flavor and quality. We pamper our ice cream to make sure that the product you buy is the freshest, highest quality product available for you and your family.

Oberweis Dairy is proud to have a variety of our super premium ice creams certified as Kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

That’s why Oberweis is..."not just another ice cream."